If you want to support me you can do that by listening to my music, sharing it on social media and with your friends and family, and you can send donations. Whichever way you choose to support me, I really appreciate it!!

It will motivate me to keep pushing and evolving as a musician, so thank you for landing on this page, and every donation small or large is very appreciated.

What will I use the money on? I will buy the most expensive Mercedes I can find…… joking. My goal is to eventually make a living from my music combined with helping other artists by offering mixing and mastering services. I will use the donations on advertising, and equipment I may need to reach my goal as an artist and mixing and mastering engineer.

Famous artists do not have to work so hard to get listeners, small and unknown artists like me struggle to get out there. So every way you support me helps me out.

As you probably understand, I am not an artist with many supporters and don’t have the resources to advertise my work professionally, so I appreciate all the help you can give me.

Thank you for visiting my site and hope to see you again!