I am

Music producer since the late nineties


Time-consuming but I love it. Need help with mixing?


I am a producer


Do you have a track you need mastered?

My Goal

Keep making better music, and spreading 80s and 90s upbeat vibes.

And then

Help other artists with mixing and mastering. Why? Course I really enjoy mixing and mastering and like to help others.

My Mission

To brighten up your day, making you feel good.

The first time I made music in a DAW was back in 1997. The DAW I first used was Fastracker 2, but I soon switched over to FL Studio, and I still use it. At its time it was just an experiment and I never thought I could release my own music. So I was making music on and off for years until my life situation drastically changed. Now I am not able to do the things I love anymore and can`t be as active as before. So then I had to try something new, and why not do the thing I always wanted to do?

I always liked music, well not just liked but I love music. And I always wanted to make music and release it. Now was the time. In 2019 I started releasing my music and I am going to keep producing as long as I can.

The music I make is electronic music with a twist of the 80s and 90s and retro feel. Some kind of futuristic analog electronic Synthwave/Retrowave I would call it. I like to make upbeat, feel-good music.

I grew up In northern Norway in a remote place, life was not always good but being outside enjoying nature was something I loved and still do. I spent a lot of time alone and therefore music became important to me, I especially enjoyed the 8-bit music when gaming on my Commodore 64.